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San Rafael Estate Solar Mission Candle Lantern
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2 Feet Tall!

Barn Light
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Solar Post & Deck Light
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Illuminated Solar Wind Chime
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100 LED Solar String Lights
Only $39.99

Royal Solar Wall Light
Only $149.99

Royal Solar Lamp Post Light
Only $149.99

Royal Solar Lamp Post - Single
Only $239.99

Victorian Solar Lamp Post - Double Fixture
Only $249.99

Solar Wedge Step Light
Only $29.99

Flora Solar Lamp Post
Only $89.99

Flora Solar Post Light
Only $89.99
Sale ends 7/10/13

Solar Wall Light - 4 Pack
Only $39.99
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Multi Purpose Solar Planter
Only $39.99

Hanging Basket with Solar Light
Only $54.99

Solar Wall Light
Only $129.99
On SALE for only $99.00
Glass Panels - 6 LEDs

Solar Fountains | Solar Birdbaths
Solar Pumps | Solar Pond Lights

Add a little green life to your garden, patio or pond with one of our solar fountains, birdbaths, pumps or pond lights. Because solar fountains & birdbaths require no wiring and cost nothing to operate, you can add the tranquil sound of a water feature anywhere in the landscape.

  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Aquarius Birdbath Solar Stake Light
Two in one: a birdbath and cracked glass solar garden stake light!
Item No. STI-3058MRM1
2.   Acadia Solar Birdbath Fountain
Create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden or on your patio with this whimsical solar fountain.
Item No. STI-2063R01
3.   Country Garden Solar Fountain / Birdbath
Create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or balcony with this charming solar fountain. This large solar birdbath is 29" H and is decorated with turtles, leaves and dragonflies.
Item No. STI-20622R01
4.   Athena Ceramic Solar On Demand Birdbath Fountain
Beautiful ceramic solar birdbath fountain for a peaceful display of water in motion. Features Solar On Demand - you choose when the fountain works.
Item No. STI-25372RM1
5.   Blenheim Two-Tier Solar on Demand Fountain
This fiberglass solar fountain has a black iron finish in a classic design. 22 1/2" high.
Item No. STI-27470RM1
6.   Chatsworth Two-Tier Solar On Demand Fountain
Solar-on-demand allows you to choose when you wish your birdbath to work using an easy on/off switch on the solar panel.
Item No. STI-24260RM1
7.   Country Gardens Two Tier Solar on Demand Fountain
A charming Country style solar fountain in a weathered stone finish.
Item No. STI-34222RM1
8.   Kensington Gardens Two Tier Solar on Demand Fountain
Make more of your garden or patio with a solar water fountain. Lightweight and maintenance free resin with an antique white stone finish. ***Out of Stock - ETA 8/30/13***
Item No. STI-34251RM1
9.   Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain - Green Bamboo
Cascading 4-tier solar fountain with new, improved, longer life pumps. OUT OF STOCK - ETA 8/30/13
Item No. STI-23931R01
10.   Ceramic Solar Cascade Fountain - Red Lava
The original cascade solar fountain with lava red glazed ceramic bowls.
Item No. STI-23941R01
11.   Chameleon Smart Globe 6"
Float it in your pond, stake it in the garden or sit it on a table. 6" diameter color changing solar globelight. OUT OF STOCK - ETA 7/25/13
Item No. STI-3382MRM1
12.   Magic Solar Globe - Programmable 8"
9 color programmable solar globe light: yellow, magenta, red, green, lilac, orange, blue, mint, purple. Can be staked in the garden, used as a table light or as a floating pond light.
Item No. STI-3381MRM1
13.   Floating Lily Solar Fountain
This floating solar fountain is new and improved! Realistic style and movement. Flow capacity of 30 GPH. OUT OF STOCK - ETA 7/25/13
Item No. STI-24402R01
14.   Solar Fountain Kit - 2x10 Watt Solar Panels
Our largest and most powerful solar pump kit! New for 2011.
Item No. GSL-APP020S
15.   Solar Pump with Fountain & Light Kit - 10 Watt
This large solar fountain kit comes complete with battery pack and 5 led light kit to illuminate your pond at night.
Item No. GSL-APP010C
16.   Solar Water Pump With Battery & LED - 5 Watt
This heavy duty solar water fountain has it all: battery back up to run at night, an led light kit and even a water flow control. *** Out of Stock - ETA 10/05/12***
Item No. GSL-APP009BS
17.   Solar Pond Pump Kit - 5 Watt
This 5 watt solar fountain kit comes with a large, high efficiency solar panel and a 15V DC water pump. Max. flow rate of 132 GPH with a max. lift height of 4.5' in full sunlight.
Item No. GSL-AP009S
18.   Solar Pond Pump Kit - 3 Watt
This solar fountain kit comes with a high efficiency solar panel, DC water pump and 5 fountain heads, 3 led light kit and timer to enjoy your fountain after sundown.
Item No. GSL-APP012B
19.   Solar Pond Pump w/Battery Pack & LED - 2.5 Watt
This environmentally friendly and solar fountain pump is perfect for a small scale pond or water feature. New 2.5 Watt solar panel with battery pack and LED light kit.
Item No. SW-APP022C
20.   Solar Pond Pump w/Battery Pack - 1.4 Watt
A solar pond pump kit will allow you to install a fountain or pond anywhere in the garden without the need to run electricity. Will also run up to 3 hours after dark when the included battery is fully charged.
Item No. GSL-AP003F
All prices in US Dollars

Solar Patio Waterfall, Fountains & Birdbaths
We offer great prices on solar outdoor waterfall. We have a great selection of solar patio waterfall. If you are looking to add a little life to your favorite patio, we have just what you need. We have a variety of products including: discounted solar flood lights, a solar power post light, exterior solar flood lights, exterior stepping stones - solar, solar patio waterfall, solar power spotlights, landscape solar lights, and so much more. We have the best accent solar lighting accessories. We have great decorative backyard solar landscape lights. Check out our solar power waterfall.

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